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escea Gas Fireplaces.

Escea gas fireplaces are synonymous with minimalist modern sophisticated style and design.  This range of Indoor and outdoor fireplaces has proved popular with architects and interior designers, so If you're renovating or are planning a new house you should consider Escea for your gas fireplace.

Escea fireplaces come in  a variety of heat outputs, various modern fascia designs, and a variety of fuel effects including black and white coals, New Zealand River Rock and Logs, stones and driftwood. These gas fireplaces are available in both natural gas and LPG (Propane). Scroll through the images above or click on the products link to see the range of fireplaces available. 

Escea fireplaces come in natural draft, balanced flue (Direct Vent) and vent free (outdoor only).

Escea is a classic success story. Three young men with a strong vision and passion set out to turn their idea into a great business. Their idea – that the home fireplace should not only be efficient and easy to use, but most importantly it should be a thing of beauty.

Business growth has been dramatic and the company now exports its award winning designs to several other countries. The success of the company can be directly attributed to not just good product design but to great product design.

Escea believes that innovation in home heating must also be gentle on the natural world and that the inefficiencies of an open fronted fireplace are no longer an environmentally acceptable option. To further underline their dedication to the environment, the company has planted a substantial forest to help absorb carbon, because Escea believes that clean skies and fresh air do matter.

Escea is continuing to enhance Australasia’s reputation for producing truly innovative world leading products.

escea Gas Fireplaces - Installation Service Available escea Gas Fireplaces - Installation Service Available escea Gas Fireplaces - Installation Service Available escea Gas Fireplaces - Installation Service Available